Republicans are Racist? Think Again.

      Today’s democrats like to label Republicans as racists despite being the party of slavery and Jim Crow. They say that the parties switched after the civil rights act. They equate conservatism to racism. They say that before 1964 the Democrats were racist conservatives and that the republicans were the progressive party.

      In 1829 Andrew Jackson became the first president of the new democratic party. He supported extending slavery to the fairly new western territories. In 1861 Abraham Lincoln was elected the first republican president, he ran on an anti-slavery platform. In 1863, at the end of the civil war he gave the emancipation proclamation, freeing the slaves.

Fast forward 50 years; Woodrow Wilson, a democrat, was elected in 1913. Democratic presidents before 1964 were supposed to be conservative right? Wrong. Wilson was the most liberal president of his time. He created the federal reserve and re-instituted the Federal Income Tax. He supported Labor Unions and took government control of the railroads. Woodrow Wilson was also a racist who re-segregated government departments and screened a KKK recruitment film at the White House. Racist Progressive Democrat? Yep.

      In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt, a democrat, was elected president. He instituted a massive government policy called the New Deal. This included the Federal Housing Administration, the first public housing project in history. The Public Works act gave government sponsored jobs to unemployed men. He also created Social Security. He too was a racist, He purposely excluded agricultural and domestic workers from the new deal, which is where most blacks were employed. He invited every olympian to the White House, except track and field phoneme Jesse Owens. He also put 100,000 Japanese in internment camps. Another Racist Progressive Democrat? Yep.

     In 1953, Dwight D Eisenhower, a republican, was elected president. He cut the federal budget by 30%, reducing the Welfare State. He was aggressive with the military in order to defeat the Soviet Communists from spreading their influence. Martin Luther King met with Dwight Eisenhower to discuss civil rights and was impressed with his sincerity on the issue. King said “His conservatism was fixed and rigid and any evil defacing the nation had to be extracted bit by bit with a tweezer because the surgeon’s knife was an instrument too radical to touch this best of all societies.” He also integrated the military. A Conservative Republican that fought for civil rights? Yep.

     In 1963, Lyndon B Johnson, a democrat, was elected president. Yes, he proposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but lets look at his voting record. Before 1957, when he decided he needed the black vote, LBJ opposed every single Civil Rights act including Anti-Lynching Laws. He was a clear racist who put the 1964 Civil Rights Act up in order to get the black vote. The Democrats believe their best case for this switch is Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” which they say was racist.

     During the 1968 Campaign there were 3 Major Candidates Nixon, Humphrey and Wallace. Nixon the Republican, Humphrey the Democrat and Wallace, a Democrat turned Independent running on the platform, “Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow,Segregation Forever”. Democrats say Nixon used “Code Words” to attract southern racists. Interestingly, George Wallace despised Nixon because he “Sped Integration” and played a role in the “destruction of the school system”. Nixon’s southern strategy focused on two key issues, National Defense and Tariffs on imports to protect southern manufacturing and agricultural jobs. At the time, the South was so far behind the rest of the country economically, so this was a key issue.

Just look at the electoral maps. Nixon won some of the south,but most went to George Wallace. Yes Nixon won most of the South in 72 but he won 48 states total.Was the whole country racist?In 1976 the south went democrat, in the 80’s Republicans won basically the whole country. The democrats won southern states all the way up to 92.  As time goes on, presumably racism starts to fade and as time goes on the south becomes more republican.

     In 2010 when democratic senator and KKK Grand Cyclops Robert Byrd died, Hillary Clinton called him her mentor. Hillary Clinton also praised the mother of forced sterilization and eugenics, Margaret Sanger saying she “admires” her. 

I’ll let you decide which party is racist.

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