Why Cut Corporate Taxes ?

The typical liberal talking point is that the giant, evil corporations are not paying their “fair” share. By fair share they mean they don’t pay enough for all the government programs they want to implement. Here’s why cutting corporate taxes is the right way to go:
First of all corporations obviously aren’t evil. The top 500 companies in the US employed 27 million people in 2015. That’s 17% of the workforce. Ronald Reagan once said “the best social program is a job” so by that logic these corporations do far more for Americans than any federal program Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama can draw up.

Corporations pay taxes that go to funding various federal programs;the Military, Medicare and Medicaid and, in recent years, funding terrorism. Much of this money also goes to the massive amount of welfare available to the poor nowadays. If you raise corporate taxes, companies have to take on these new costs somehow. They need to maintain profits so they have to lower costs.These tax increases aren’t going to affect upper level administrative employees or higher management because those people are hard to find. These increases are going to hurt the less skilled hourly wage worker by cutting their wages, hours or laying them off. This is because those employees are easier to find and can easily be replaced.

If you cut corporate taxes you give money back to the corporation.They can use this money to invest in new areas and hire new employees at all levels.
The liberals don’t care about these effects, they’d rather these low wage workers have to go on welfare rather than take care of themselves. There’s all kinds of studies that show that under the current welfare state often times it makes more sense financially to get all the welfare you can rather than go find a job.

Democrats don’t care how bad the economy is because it means they can promise people free stuff and get their vote.


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